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Introduction to The Strategic Leadership Archive

INTRODUCTION to The Strategic Leadership Archive by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken (e-document)

1000s of years human kind have been lead by war strategy, from city design, to politic, education, resources management, religion and international corporate development.

The art of war have been learned and practiced by every CEO, leader, sage and hero.

Several strategy masters have thought and develop the art of war: Julius Cesar, Master Sun Tzu, Mohamed the Prophet, Bruce Lee, Carlo Magno, Saladin, Napoleon, Hitler, Jesus, Theodor the Great, Lord Krishna & Arjuna, Genghis Khan, Odin from Asgard, and other history and mythical heroes.

For centuries, people of the world have been fighting for land, wealth, property, competing with technological advancements, and social and cultural developments, management abilities.

Religion supported the fall of the kingdoms and royal families, to be replaced later by governments and corporate empires. Not much has changed for real, the game of thrones is still being played on the planet.

When a peace activist intent to send a message of peace and realizes whole world known and unknown has been designed by applying war strategy knowledge, also realizes that any act for peace would not be able to avoid the need of strategic understanding and management of the art of war. As there is no game for peace that can be played in the war field unless the war game have been correctly understood.

By understanding the importance and meaning of property, wealth, and money, for peace, family, culture, life care and heritage, as a peace worker, one must realize that without knowledge and strategy any peace action would become superficial, futile without long term benefits.

In order to apply a strategy capable for the upgrade of human global culture, a transformation of the war strategy, a change of the field of war, the transmutation of the thoughts, emotions, perceptions, motivations, impulses, strategies, methods, must take place. The transformation of the war settings into peace settings.

One must know the game of war, the game of thrones, and as well the game of peace, the game of love.

This book is dedicated to Life, therefor for the heritage, that a family can bring to the world. It is dedicated to clan, rod, community and culture, to love, peace, knowledge and wisdom,

This book should be read in prime self union, within the breath of prime source.

The Strategic Leadership Archive should guide true warriors, in the path of divine perception, divine action, divine creation.