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The water element. How can change our future ? ( 3, 5, 9, 81, 900 elements and elements management tools)

When i started my public teachings in 2007, with the publication of elements management know how, applied for business management, personal and spiritual development, i thought 81 elements and 9 mandalas.

After 9 years, based on teaching experience with my own students, coaching and consultancy customers, i find that the very first step, before jumping into 81 elements, 900 elements or even the 9 elements, is to learn how to integrate 1 additional element (water) to the 2 elements the modern world has used for 100s of years in order to build their own culture and society (Fire and Earth).

Why is so important to first learn how to integrate water, emotional self-management, and design of emotions into personal and organizational development process, decision making, strategy?

The following tool, its use, will answer this important question and at the same time prepare the user for an advanced understanding and capacity of study, application of elements management, jumping to the ability of use of 5 elements, 9 elements, 5 mandalas of elements, 81 elements and 900 elements.

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